Hello, I’m Hayden

I’ve been designing and building software for 4 years. I’m currently a Software Engineering Team Lead at Johnson Controls working on developing custom solutions to solve unique customer problems.

Recent Posts


  • hay-kot/mealie - A feature rich recipe, meal-planner, and shopping list application that brings automation, natural language processing, and an intuitive user interface to your kitchen.
  • hay-kot/homebox - A home inventory management system. Label, track, and manage your home inventory and keep track of manuals, warranties, and more.
  • hay-kot/scaffold - Scaffold is a simple command line tool for generating projects and scaffolding common files and directories in existing projects using Go templates
  • hay-kot/flint - A simple, fast, and extensible linter for frontmatter in markdown files.
  • hay-kot/gofind - Gofind is a small command-line utility for searching and selecting a directory on your system. Think of it as a mini fzf with a more specific purpose.
  • hay-kot/yal - Yet Another Logger is as simple logging library for Go. Perfect for scripts, 1 off programs and CLI tools. Zero configuration and no dependencies makes it a perfect drop in replacement for the standard log package when you need just a tiny bit more.
  • hay-kot/dotfiles - dotfiles for my personal use.