TIL Converting Visio to PDFs Recursively
Jun 05, 2021
Today I learned that you can use powershell on windows to recursively convert visio files to PDF files.
TIL Securing Your Ansible Vault
May 11, 2021
Today I learned you can setup a pre-commit hook to keep you from committing your secrets to source control.
Generating Blog Frontmatter
Mar 01, 2021
Using jinja2 templating as base, I was able to use python to create metadata for my blog posts and automate some of the boring parts about moving from a draft to published post
Serving SPAs and API With Caddy v2
Feb 13, 2021
Caddy is a simple, powerful, and extensible platform to serve your sites, services, and apps, written in Go. It's ability to split your SPA and API with a short and simple config makes it my favorite web-server for my projects.
From Windows to M1
Feb 12, 2021
As a long time, diehard Windows fan it slightly pains me to say that the M1 MacBook Air is by far the greatest laptop I've ever used. I adamantly refused to buy into the MacOS ecosystem but after weeks of being undecided on a new laptop I finally caved and took the plunge into the MacBook Air.
SSH Login Notifications in Home Assistant With Node-Red
Jan 05, 2021
Adding SSH logging to Home Assistant is super easy to do and can offer a tiny sliver of reassurance that your whole system isn't burning down by an unauthorized user.